CFLA was founded by Attorneys for Attorneys to provide a low cost litigation support service on matters of expertise within the industry. CFLA is a full service litigation support company serving more than 10,000 Law Firms and Attorneys in all 50 States, with specially licensed Mortgage Backed Securities Analysis, training and support. CFLA has certified more than 1,000 Executive Professionals through its Nationally Recognized and Industry Acclaimed "Mortgage Securitization Auditor Training", practical application, classroom setting, by our industry leading experts! Learn more about CFLA, Inc's products, services and upcoming mortgage securitization classes:


Homeowners Fraudulently Foreclosed by Fa

Homeowners Fraudulently Foreclosed by Faux-Lenders were Nothing but Collateral Damage to the Federal Reserve


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Only a Forensic Examiner Can Determine t

Only a Forensic Examiner Can Determine the Validity of an "Original" Note

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Royal Bank of Scotland Trained Employees

Royal Bank of Scotland Trained Employees on How to Forge Signatures

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TILA RESCISSION — Filling in the Gaps ht

TILA RESCISSION — Filling in the Gaps

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Rescission is not a Claim — No Lawsuit N

Rescission is not a Claim — No Lawsuit Necessary

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TILA Rescission Notice Does NOT Require

TILA Rescission Notice Does NOT Require Justification

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Mortgage Auditor Training Class – http:/

Mortgage Auditor Training Class –

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